Who We Are

Washington Island has been our family’s second home and favorite retreat for over 5 decades. In 1968, after several previous trips to the island, our grandparents Bob & Peg Steffen bought a house on the water off of Lobdell Point Rd (on Moonlight Bay if you have a really old Island map).  Since then 4 generations have been lucky enough to experience island life and some of us could never imagine a life without this wondrous place.  We are extremely grateful to be able to continue the adventure started so long ago by them and thankful that they picked the best spot in the world as their getaway.  

Both born and raised in the Chicago area Bob & Peg’s grandson Adam and his wife Becky could not be more excited to be able to call the Island home for them and their children.  Adam especially so, as he is achieving a lifelong dream of living on Washington Island, one inspired by hundreds of summer trips and the forging of all the best memories.   When Adam met Becky he shared this special place with her and it was instant love, in fact Adam proposed on the family’s property justdown the lake from the Lodge .